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Some Technological Niches. Bring Your Niche Too.

Move To Fairfield CA


Lower office and living real estate costs.  Friendly more wholesome environment. Near hiking from Fairfield's Rockville Park to the Sierra's and Lake Tahoe. Can move to San Francisco or NYC after you've raised enough money.

Budget Spacious


Reprieve yourself from noisy, crowded cafes with spotty Internet. Perhaps you can't concentrate at home, Ideal workspaces for rent in Fairfield for tech freelancers, programmers, writers and remote workers.

Fiber Optic Internet


Fiber optic internet. Maybe set up your server with 24/7 physical access. Can share internet for free, or get dedicated fiber optic internet at cost. 

Build It In California


Get help with producing your invention in California.  Help available for production and international marketing through our partners Small Business Development Center. and Innovation Institute ™ www.InnovationInstitute.Info

Transparent News Media


Create news channels dealing with fake news.  Bring greater transparency to news from Fairfield to Solano County, and California to the World. For Accountants, Attorneys, Real Estate, Technology, Start Ups, Security, etc, Take political favoritism out of the news. 

Hiring Employees


Government funds can subsidize new employee salaries. Goal is for the government to get people trained by technology companies.

Solano Professional Associations

Accountants, Attorneys, Real Estate, Mental Health, Technology, Start Ups, Security Companies In Fai

Diverse Interesting Professional Specialty Associations

Networking In Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville, Vallejo, Napa, Sacramento & East Bay

Attorneys, Accountants, Residential Real Estate, Mental Health, Technology and Start Ups are welcome to join the professional Fairfield Hub. Specialty companies can also include Security Services For Businesses, Personal and Business Insurance, plus Construction for residential and commercial real estate. These informal trade associations are part of Fairfield Hub, and listed in Solano Business Directory www.SolanoBusinessDirectory.Net near highways 12 and 80 in Fairfield, CA. Call 707 434-8000

Solano Specialist Organization Listings

Lawyers: Solano Attorney Association ™. Specializing in business law, contract law, family law (divorce), estate law, employment discrimination, immigration, etc.

Accountants: Solano Accounting Association ™ accountants offer bookkeeping, general accounting, tax services, CPA assistance.

Residential Real Estate: Solano Residential Real Estate Association ™ real estate agents and borkers can help you buy, sell or rent homes and commercial real estate in Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville and Vallejo. From office spaces for rent in Vacaville, to buying multi family properties as rental income.

Mental Health: Solano Therapy Association ™

Technology: Solano Tech Association ™ Techies can offer software programming, or network together at Fairfield Co-Working www.FairfieldCoWorking.Net.  Windows and Apple computer systems. Plus electronics patent rights with Innovation Institute, Inc. www.InnovationInstitute.Info

Start Ups: Solano Start Up Association ™ with Solano Business Incubator

Security Services For Businesses: Solano Security Association ™ security companies to protect business establishments such as big retail, office buildings in Fairfield, etc.

Insurance: Solano Insurance Association ™  Insurance agents and brokers in Fairfield, Suisun, Vacaville or Vallejo.

Mortgages: Mortgage Association ™ of mortgage brokers in Fairfield, Vacaville and Suisun.

Construction: Solano Construction Association ™ 

Visit Fairfield Hub, 1652 West Texas Street, Fairfield, CA. 

Just a half mile from highway 80’s West Texas Street exit. Drive towards downtown Fairfield. Mon – Fri 8:30AM to 6:00PM. 

Historic Fairfield Business Center & Main Gateway To Downtown Area:

Visit the Heart of Fairfield www.HeartOfFairfield.Net. Help the center of Fairfield. Not to be confused with the alternative "business center drive" at 

Disclaimer: None of the hub groups are necessarily tied with any other related association at a different location. For legal reasons, the purpose of the associations are not for making any referrals. Mentioning of companies in a specialty doesn't constitute a warrant on the quality for their professional skills. Specialized companies may or may not be in an informal connection with the association / hub. The associations don't charge money, nor earn monies if professionals are mentioned when asked. Save The Link To These Solano Specialty Associations. This page is free of copyrights. Join Fairfield Hub and network with Accountants, Attorneys, Real Estate, Mental Health, Technology, Start Ups, Security, and Insurance providers, plus other organizations at Solano Business Directory


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Write To Fairfield Hub. Since We Don't Charge You Or Commissions, Please Save Our Time. So Please Be Very Clear With Your Need For A Free Non Guaranteed Referral. Include Your Phone. Or Call 707 434-8000 During Business Hours.

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